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Grand Slam Sponsors

Lamar Baseball would like to recognize and thank those Grand Slam Sponsors who have made significant contributions to the Club over the past year. Thank you!

Community Service

Harrison Burks, Senior League Baseball World Series Champ, Steps Up to the Plate for Saipan Little Leaguers After Typhoon Soudelor

During the Senior League Baseball World Series in Bangor, Maine, it’s a pretty safe bet that baseball was top of mind for most of the players from the ten teams. One player, however, Harrison Burks from West University Little League out of Houston, which represented the Southwest Region, was thinking about more than just balls and strikes. He was also focused on his friends from Saipan Little League, and what their lives would be like when they returned to the Northern Mariana Islands in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Showing true Little League® character, Harrison set up a Go Fund Me site to raise money for the Saipan team. While winning the World Series title was certainly gratifying for Burks and his teammates, he can take even more satisfaction knowing he was the driving force that raised over $3,500 for his fellow Little Leaguers, with a goal of reaching $5,000.

“I’m proud of it,” said Harrison. “Doing something like that makes you feel good about yourself. Little League teaches teamwork, and develops camaraderie. I did not do this for any reward or recognition. I just wanted to help.”

Varsity Players Build Community Garden For Community Family Centers (CFC)

March 24, 2013


On Sunday March 24th the varsity team and Coach Romero moved 17 yards of dirt and sand and placed about 7 pallets of heavy blocks (each pallet weighed about 2,400 pounds) as they created three community gardens - two center gardens that were 39’ x 6’ and one side garden that was 20’ x 2’.  The CEO of Community Family Center, Maritza Guerrero, came out on Sunday and talked to the boys about the project and what CFC does for the neighborhood.  CFC is one of the largest Food Bank distribution centers in the local area and they were very appreciative of Zach Pearson’s initiative and drive to design and build these gardens for his IB Project and greatly appreciated all the hard work by the team and coaches.


Gloves for Good


Kids Helping Other Kids to Play Baseball


Our mission at Gloves for Good is to collect new or gently used baseball equipment for redistribution to less fortunate youth baseball players in the US and throughout the world.

Gloves for Good is a not for profit charity to help other less fortunate youth baseball players play the game they love. Youth baseball players throughout the Houston area are collecting baseball equipment from local Little Leagues, travel teams, and area high schools, then processing the equipment for redistribution it to less fortunate players in the US and around the world. They are working with established not for profits to ensure that our equipment is used by youth baseball players that need it the most.