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Grand Slam Sponsors

Lamar Baseball would like to recognize and thank those Grand Slam Sponsors who have made significant contributions to the Club over the past year. Thank you!

Professional Players

Name Graduating Year Professional Organization
Alba "Bookie" Eti 1943 Chicago Cubs
Glenn Vaughan 1961 Houston Astros
Hugh Hamilton 1966 Baltimore Orioles
David Dahse 1979 Baltimore Orioles
Jose Rodiles 1980 Kansas City Royals
Chris Finley 1988 Baltimore Orioles
Richard Williams 1989 Houston Astros
Reagan Buckley 1992 Independent Leagues
Erick Burke 1995 Texas Rangers
Nick Martin 1998 Chicago Cubs
Hunter Brown 1998 Seattle Mariners
Kenny Baugh 1998 Detroit Tigers
Shawn Ferguson 2001 Milwaukee Brewers
Stuart Musslewhite 2001 Baltimore Orioles
Jeff Neimann 2001 Tampa Rays
Vincent Blue 2001 Detroit Tigers
Will Rhymes 2001 Detroit Tigers
Cat Everett 2004 Houston Astros
Christian Staehely 2004 Seattle Mariners
Joe Savery 2004 Philadelphia Phillies
Ben Guez 2005 Detroit Tigers
Eric Eiland 2006 Toronto Blue Jays
Eddie Lang 2006 Independent Leagues
Anthony Rendon 2008 Washington Nationals
Matt Tindall 2010 Los Angeles Angels
Cole Lankford 2011 St. Louis Cardinals
John Williamson 2011 Chicago Cubs
Ian Gibaut 2012 Tampa Bay Rays