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Grand Slam Sponsors

Lamar Baseball would like to recognize and thank those Grand Slam Sponsors who have made significant contributions to the Club over the past year. Thank you!

Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance

General Field Maintenance Tasks

Outside Fence


  • Blow out leaves from batting cages, bleachers, walkways
  • ​Bag leaves, paper, and trash items.
  • Clean up sidewalk area along Alabama. 
  • Empty and replace all trash can liners.
  • Place trash bags at east end of storage shed.

Mowing and Edging:

  • Mow all areas outside of the playing field including:
    • ​North side of storage shed
    • Grass along side parking lot behind 3rd base dugout
    • Concession stand and batting cage areas
    • Edge all areas around cages, fence, and exterior of ball field
    • Weed garden area around concession stand

Inside of Fence


  • Blow out dugouts
  • Reattach windscreen, treat fire ant mounds as necessary
  • Pick up all foreign objects on field
  • Empty trash cans in dugouts and replace liners

Edging and Weed-eating

  • Edge entire infield (using line and edger from storage shed)
  • Scrape out excess grass and bag it.
  • Edge around bullpens and dugouts
  • Edge around backstop

​Remove lips around infield

  • Cut back sod using sod cutters and edger
  • Remove excess soil beneath lip and restore sod



Hunter Green

  • Touch up outfield fence and bleachers
  • Dugout benches


  • Marquee sign poles


  • Bullpen poles on right field side and select batting cage poles

Equipment Required

  • Ladders
  • Paint Brushes

"Small" projects needing volunteers